Gekko enable bitstamp

gekko enable bitstamp

Ubtc to btc

Bitstamp requires "secret" to be when Gekko is configured to.

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With it, Gekko also supports backtesting and paper trading, which allows traders to test their ideas against historical data and real-time market action. Market interface: Emit market events; Basic IRC Bot, basic Campfire Bot. Supported exchanges. Mt. Gox; Bitstamp; CEX. If you could configure Gekko to only do 50 USD trades whilst having Bitstamp there are supaccounts so this would not be a problem.
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The nodejs server can also be used standalone as a webserver in combination with your own software such as a new UI, a mobile app or a higher level backtester , see other software for examples. This has been a major point of discussion, so here are the hard parts: The profit report and all risk metric calculations, etc assume that you trade in full swings. It is not recommended to trade on an account Gekko is already trading, it will mess up all profit calculations which is based portfolio polling. Bought 1. Sign in.